Saturday, July 17, 2010


You've heard the old joke when a plane crashes - "Hey, why don't they just make the entire airplane out of the stuff they make the black boxes from - ha ha."

I was mildly interested in how they do survive crashes - so here it is - they are made from three boxes: "a hardened stainless steel or titanium box, an insulation box, and a thermal block. Producers put the boxes together like Russian dolls: one box is inside another box and that box is inside another box. It can survive a plane crash and function almost forever after that."

(Isn't it the cutest thing that they compare it to those stupid wooden dolls that people buy to "prove" they've been in Europe?)

And no, they are not black, they are orange - the expression "black box" comes from the concept of a "device, system or object which can be viewed solely in terms of its input, output and transfer characteristics without any knowledge of its internal workings, that is, its implementation is "opaque" (black)."

Yeah, I don't understand that either.

BUT HERE IS THE TRUTH - the real reason I began this blathering blog is this:

I still have the residue on both arms from the bandages that were put on TUESDAY when I went to the emergency room for a fun-filled evening of having needles, gauges and brightly colored tubes stuck in me for three hours.

Why does something that you do NOT want to lasts.... lasts?!?

I  put on waterproof mascara - it lasts maybe six hours on a cool day. Normal Arizona day with me being outside? About thirty minutes, and then I look like a raccoon.

Nylons? I've given up - I put runs in them by LOOKING at them.
Actually styling my drab, straight ordinary-brown hair, with mousse, gel and hair spray? Half of whatever event I have styled it for.

But this tape residue? I have scrubbed on it with soap, washcloths, a Brillo pad (really)....

Next step may have to be paint thinner.


Annette said...

Why were you in the ER??

Lisa said...

Hope everything is okay! (I guess you could read that as good wishes on my part or direct reassurance?). Duct tape really is incredible, isn't it? I read that many farmers use it for emergency vet work!!

Hope said...

Recurring chest pain - but it isn't/wasn't anything related to the heart. I see a cardiologist in a couple of weeks, and they will hmm and ommm and look very serious and then tell me they have NO idea where the pain is coming from!