Sunday, July 18, 2010


I think everyone has a loose-change place.

Some times it's as obvious as an actual piggy bank, or you use an open jar on the kitchen counter.

For years I used the ash tray in my car, but newer cars don't even have them installed anymore.

Looking under every couch cushion in my house can haul in a couple of bucks. And whoever does the laundry (whomever?) in our house gets to keep whatever money comes loose in the washer or dryer

And about five years ago, I began keeping my quarters in a little ducky-thing, and everything else in a decorative bucket.

So about every six months, I empty it to get horse toys, complete useless office supply equipment that I have no need for or three days worth of extra-large Diet Cokes from Burger King.

Well, about a month ago, a couple days before pay-day, my husband moaned and groaned that he was broke, his car needed gas, oh-woe-is-me blah blah blah.

And without thinking, I said "Oh, I've got some spare change you could use."

Please note that I said SOME - not ALL.

He got $42 out of it.

I shouldn't still be mad about it, should I?