Friday, October 15, 2010


Do you ever feel as if everything is suddenly much clearer? The answer is right in front of you? Unexpectedly the top of mountain you have been climbing all your life is now somehow under your feet?

Now, I know that parts of my mind are gradually slowing down as I age... okay, okay, I admit it, I leave HUGE STACKS of gray matter trailing behind me anywhere I go nowadays.

But I am trying to remain optimistic about Alzheimer's taking over.

And look at it as refreshing to have almost every joke be one I haven't heard (i.e. because I can't REMEMBER hearing it), about being in agony ever time I read Pride and Prejudice about whether Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy are finally going to get together (wait, I was doing that before my brain injury, wasn't I?), and watching every episode of Firefly, Castle, and the movie Serenity over and over, again and again (do we see a pattern here as in NATHAN FILLAN?).

So I am never quite certain if I am having a epiphany or it is sometime I am simply remembering from before. But Sunday afternoon,, it hit me again - hard.

To quote John Lennon and about a hundred other people, love is the answer.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, is looking for love, acceptance and peace. The terrorists, the Republicans, the homeless people begging on the street, your neighbors who have the little yappy dog who barks CONTINUALLY all day and all night, the greeter at WalMart who looks so wore out, the candidate with the pasted-on fake smile and automatic handshake.

And I keep learning again and again that it isn't difficult to give everyone just that - love the people you come in contact with. It doesn't mean you take them home with you, it doesn't mean you think they are great, it means you LOVE them, just as Christ and Heavenly Father love all of us silly wayward mortals here on Earth.
Now I will probably also need to learn that tomorrow as well, because I will have forgotten today - one reason I need to keep this silly blog going.