Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I went today to our local animal shelter to begin to think about possibly of maybe finding another dog.

My husband has accepted a job in Iraq for the next year, assisting the new government to develop a new form of criminal justice other than hey-we-think-this-guy-did-something-so-now-shoot-or-hang-'em.

So although we have a lovely greyhound named Delilah, she is perhaps not a, eh, threatening and/or defensive symbol.

Murray, although one of the sweetest dogs in the universe, would bark fiercely and at least sound like a dangerous animal.

So at the animal shelter this morning, I will admit that I did walk right past the kitty cats, toy poodles and large lizards.

I also passed the multiple pit-dog and Rottweiler mixes.

And when I got to Sofi, she was the first dog who was not barking frantically, the first who did not jump up on the fence, and she licked my hand.

I will post photos tomorrow of her when we get home.


Lisa said...

Yay! Can't wait to see her! When does Bill leave?

Hope said...

So sorry - didn't see your comment before! Our blogs are still mad at each other, aren't they?!

Bill leaves November 7th for two weeks training in Indiana, of all places, and then straight into Iraq. I'm trying to balance that fine line between appropriate sorrow that he will be gone for a year and pure unadultered glee that I am going to have a free year at home alone. ;-)