Thursday, October 7, 2010


"Assume" makes an ass out of u and me.

When the animal shelter people mentioned that Sofi would need to be seen by a vet, I somehow assumed they had a vet-on-call or a vet on the site.

Turns out there is veterinary clinic in town that will examine her... on Monday.

At least Soft has a new collar and a "I AM ADOPTED" tag on it - I can still visit and walk her every day - and I guess we simply have a few more days to bond.

But wait - Monday is that exciting-and-highly-anticipated-holiday of (drum role here, please) of COLUMBUS DAY.

Which is the celebration of the date that ... er, Christopher Columbus was born? Accidentally landed on an American short, still thinking that he had made it to India?  Or the day he uttered the immortal words, "Hey, do you guys think we should stop and ask directions?"

So I guess I still need to find out if the vet is even OPEN on Monday - or  deal with the disappointment for one more day.

Hand me another tissue, please.