Friday, November 12, 2010


I've already done this to one animal.

My cat was picked up outside of Wal-Mart (literally - one of a group of kittens in a cardboard box being given away) as an adorable, fluffy, long-haired puff-ball.

So I took a dainty Pandora into the vets as a little feminine feline to be neutered, and took home a musky male cat (yeah, didn't really look closely at the little boy/girl parts when I first got her - I mean, him).

And now I have a newly adopted chunky, sorta pushy big Labrador stomping around.

But she's a girl.

I've just gotten used to having a boy and a girl couple.

I mean, like Najale and Sally - "Good boy! Good girl!" Delilah and Murry - "Good girl! Good boy!" Josiah and Joy - "Bad boy! Bad girl!"

And somehow "Good girl! Good girl!" just doesn't come across right.

So simply for the appropriate use of the pronoun, I am hereby announcing that Sofi from now is a HE.

And Sofi isn't objecting.

At least not yet.