Friday, January 23, 2009


Reporting live from Ewa Beach, Hawaii, we are in Day 2 of the Geriatrics Olympics.

First event of the day, Getting Colin To Kindergarten, was a crushing defeat for the Arizonan team. All advance training had been mired by severe insomnia the night before with the starting time missed by 42 minutes. The attempt at recouping lost time by eating breakfast in the SUV was sensible, but was trounced by both Ft. Weaver and H1 congestion and length of the commute. The team had to settle for a late drop off at the school, and seemed to be out of any medal competition for the day.

However we learned long ago to never completely write off any Western-state participant. The reduced team went straight into preparation for gaining back their position by tackling laundry as Kate commenced on her daily 497 laps of the downstairs.

Lunch was carefully and we must say brilliantly executed with an extra 15 minutes of time to pad any possible traffic jams. Although 8.3 gallons of gasoline were used idling in the school parking lot, the mission came off brilliantly as both children and the exhausted grandma were Down For Naps exactly at 1:06 p.m.

The judges deducted only 1 point for Colin never actually closing his eyes for the next two hours since he did remain in his bedroom. No verbal threats were overheard by the panel, although Colin did blanch slightly after his grandmother whispered privately in his ear before the actual time of the event began. Kate, certainly in a well-trained-for response to her 497 laps, slept sounding the entire time.

The 3:30 Wake-Up was a perfect 10, so the team was well back into medal competition once again. Although a short conference was held by the referees, it was agreed that a dinner of waffles was acceptable albeit borderline. No points were deducted for the use of syrup either.

The Evening Bath Ritual was synchronized beautifully, with an additional 10 points awarded for use of unusual bath/rub novelties (employment of a neighborhood dog was rejected for potential negative retort from the SPCA) and Colin's management of his own hair shampoo. Pajamas, hair combing and teeth-brushing were laudable in both efficiency and execution.

The only downfall in the evening activities were, once again, overuse of Mario Games, in particular with the character Dry Bones.

Competition will resume in the morning, hopefully with an earlier start for this magnificent team.

** PLEASE NOTE ** Due to international date lines, Hawaiian time, loss of sleep and the fact the laptop will not save anything that the PC upstairs can read, this report was delayed. Hopefully this evening we will be able to report LIVE from Oahu.