Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I am so pleased that used one of my 'prompts' for today's writing assignment.

So is the pressure on to write a succinct, sincere and snappy blog? NO! As ever, this is my outlet for the day - who cares if anyone else reads it?! (well, except for Harmony and Jen, of course - I'll cry if you don't).

Today was Official Day #1 in the week-long field research project of "Maintenance and Upkeep of a Two-Year-Old and a Five-Year-Old By An Almost Senior Citizen".

Predictions of physical exhaustion, temper tantrums and body leakage (by the grandma, not the kids) were proven incorrect, although scholarly criticized resources were utilized (i.e. McDonald's Happy Meals, one and a half hours of Wii Mario games, and seven consecutive readings of "The Four Seasons - A Preschoolers Stimulation Package").

Proper physical hygiene was enforced on the children, and hopefully after 2130 hours the senior citizen will be able to sneak a shower in. Nutrition requirements were minimally met, but the excess of both Mini Vanilla Wafers and Go-Go-Yogurts has not yet been approved by our dietary board. Also noted was consumption by the senior researcher of french fries and one Diet Mt. Dew.

Forecasts for tomorrow estimate poor vocal renditions of "Runnin' On Empty" before the 11:55 p.m. pick-up of the kindergartner.

The final reports on this project will continue to be available at, with the final thesis due sometime in the year 2014.