Thursday, February 26, 2009


To someone from Los Angeles or New York, Tucson is a quaint little desert town.
That would have been me thirty-five years ago.
To someone from a place like Palominas, Arizona, Tucson is a noisy, crowded and unfriendly place.
And that was me today.

I drove my daughter up to see a pain specialist in Tucson, and took the big leap of signing up at Costco, so at least when I'm up there with her, I can stock up on paper towels and toilet paper.
And for someone from Los Angeles, it is ludicrous to feel intimidated by a town the size of Tucson.
But now, living on a dirt road, three miles off the highway, without streetlights, utility poles and/or traffic lights... I must admit I was actually uncomfortable with speeding cars, quick lane changes which are necessary, and what the hell is the difference between "I-10 - Phoenix", "I-10 - Tuscon" and "I-10 - Downtown Exits" and why do you have to choose one four times when all three of them end in EXACTLY the same place?!
Sorry - exhaust fumes have obviously clouded my thoughts.


Lisa said...

Too true- it's all relative. I thought growing up in So. Cal that living in a tiny town would be the best . . . then after living in Enid I realized I'm more of a city girl than I'd imagined.