Monday, August 10, 2009


I watch certain movies repeatedly. And I don't mean just two or three times... like HUNDREDS of times.

Most of the time it's when I'm babbling on my blog or Facebook or working on a lesson - it's sort of a comfortable background noise. I don't have to pay attention, because I know every single line of dialogue, all the action in every scene, all the expressions on every actors face.

It's sort of like eating popcorn - it's sort of filling, but mindless, and really doesn't taste like much of anything, it just SMELLS so great.

So some movies - Aliens, Serenity, You've Got Mail, Jesse and Steven Go To Yale and Lose Their Virginity - just can get played over and over and over and over... and all the Harry Potter movies are, of course, in that same category.

But I am a HUGE JK Rowling fan - I love all of her H.P. books. So I am super critical of the movies when they stray AT ALL from the original plot.

Earlier this week, I took my daughter to go see HPATHBP. And sat there hating it more and more every step the director took away from the book.

So I got a chance for redemption this weekend - my husband wanted to see HPATHBP (and doesn't like to go to movies by himself anymore), we went, and I DID NOT THINK OF THE BOOK AT ALL.

And enjoyed it thoroughly.