Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I've always been a night sort of person.

Anything after 8 p.m. is simply more fun - everything after midnight is hysterically funny - and watching that first faint blush of dawn on the horizon is always so beautiful.

But I do like sleeping - just sometimes I like doing it at 4 p.m.

All my life I have been exceedingly scornful of insomniacs, always confident that since I could always go to sleep almost immediately and stay asleep for... well, weeks, actually, but that is another story... since I could do it, everyone else must simply be wound tight or not relaxed enough or not eating properly.

Until my uterus and I parted company, with instant and complete menopause hitting me, and obviously some hormones dissappearing.

Suddenly I couldn't sleep more than a couple of hours at a time without medication. And began that damning routine of sleeping pills, the morning cloud of Ambien-still-in-the-bloodstream (much like being drunk, just not as much fun).

And Ambien CR is classified as a NARCOTIC - which means a physician has to approve every single prescription you get for it.

I mean, do people sell it on the street or something? "Hey, kid, here, wanna take something that will knock you out completely?!" Is there an unseen profit?

And right now I ran completely out on Saturday - my pharmacy didn't request a refill until today - and my doctor doesn't get back in the office until tomorrow.

Anyone wanna chat around 3 a.m.? Look and see if I'm on-line, okay?


Lisa said...

I'm definitely a morning person. I have most of my energy then. At night is when I'm cranky and stressed. Hey, I'll be your first black-market Ambien customer!

Clerk said...

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