Friday, September 3, 2010


I'm not certain, but I may be falling in love.

A Chihuahua must be the most irritating animal in the entire universe. Wait. Perhaps something bigger than the universe.

They are little, and yappy, and spastic and ANNOYING ankle-nippers.

And the ONLY reason I offered to dog-sit this weekend was that I simply felt SORRY for someone who was already going to be dealing with four kids under the age of six for a four-day weekend with a three-plus hour drive each way.

So Thursday afternoon I stopped by her house, loaded a crate with a little three lb. version of a brown RAT as well as a tiny bucket of miniature dog food, two chew toys and a partially disintegrated disgusting blanket that actually is what this dog literally BURROWS INTO to go to sleep.

Now it is Friday evening, and this same irritating tiny canine is curled up in my lap, snoring in the tinyest voice you can imagine as I attempt to type without waking him up.

Okay, yeah, I do think it is love.


Caron Family said...

I love your piece on the chihuahua. I have one and felt the same way at first then I truly fell in love with my princess. Sometimes she is crabby and doesn't want to be touched, but oh well she gives me so much more. I put up with her and she puts up with me. thanks again.